Screen EchoCast Episode 78 – Time to Get Scared

Let the return of the clown craze begin again. Remember when people started dressing in clown outfits around the nation and people were creeping out? Well, I’m sure these dumbies are going to come back out of hiding to freak more people out. That’s why America allows people to have guns.

Screen EchoCast Episode 78 - Time to Get Scared


Screen EchoCast 77 – Top 5 Summer Movies of 2017

You know the drill, folks. The end of the summer marks our top 5 summer movies podcast. We all saw it coming. This summer made it easy for us because there was a lot to choose from. Great. Less work for us.

Screen EchoCast Episode 77 - Top 5 Summer Movies of 2017


Screen EchoCast Episode 76 – Piggy Back Boys

For all of our listeners out there, just take your family and go and see Logan Lucky. Channing Tatum will love you forever and we know all you girls like that shit.

Screen EchoCast Episode 76 - Piggy Back Boys


Screen EchoCast Episode 75  – Hollywood Checklist

I didn’t even put a description here. I totally forgot and just noticed it. Sorry?



Screen EchoCast Episode 74 – Worst Episode Ever

We didn’t have anything to talk about. So much so that we all made fun of Mikey P dying during our podcast and Jacob volunteers to do his eulogy. We go dark. We’re sorry.



Screen EchoCast Episode 73 – Dunkirk Discussions

How serious are we allowed to get on a podcast? Tears? Anger? Discontent? Tensity? Do you have back pain as bad as we do because we’re all getting old? Would you PLEASE just answer our questions??!!



Screen EchoCast Episode 72 – You gonna mail me a sundae?

The last movie in the trilogy is always the saddest and that’s no exception with this film. Even though you go to the cinema and sick next to a drunk woman who doesn’t care about the two kids that she brought to a movie where people shoot themselves in the face and shoot apes in the back of the head. NAH IT’S COOL.

Screen EchoCast Episode 72 - You gonna mail me a sundae?


Screen EchoCast Episode 71 – I need spectacles

Sometimes you just can’t see shit. If it’s dark, things are moving around in rapid succession and your eyes are slowly fading because you’re getting old and those old eye balls ain’t what they used to be. It just comes with age.

Screen EchoCast Episode 71 - I need spectacles


Screen EchoCast Episode 70 – Hi there, Baby Driver

This episode continues the trend that episodes A. never come out on time and B. aren’t parallel to the release of new summer movies. So, guess what, you need to just deal with that. We don’t get screeners, we don’t get advanced screenings of movies. Life just happens sometimes and boy does it.



Screen EchoCast Episode (real) 69 – THE REAL 69

Who doesn’t like sex? Christians? Sure. Or maybe they like it too much because they multiply like rabbits… Anyways. This podcast is dedicated to sex and as it should be because if the episode number says anything, it’s one of our favorite positions.

Screen EchoCast Episode (real) 69 - THE REAL 69


Screen EchoCast Episode 69 – Not my 69

This is the last time we’re going to deal with bull shit audio.

Screen EchoCast Episode 69 - Not my 69


Screen EchoCast Episode 68 – Your Distinct Pleasure

Sometimes we just get together and podcast about random bull because we need to get an episode out. Usually, it comes together at the last minute and we aren’t expecting much from it. However, those episodes come out to be our funniest and we take joy in that. We hope you can hear that as you’re listening. Thanks.

Screen EchoCast Episode 68 - Your Distinct Pleasure


Screen EchoCast Episode 67 – Best comic book movie EVUUURRR

You know. Sometimes you just can’t win, right? I mean. After 67+ episodes and countless solutions to countless amounts of technical issues, we’re still plagued with random problems that we just can’t see or here while we’re recording. It continues to boggle our staff’s minds, really. Technology is a fickle piece of DOG SH*T.



Screen EchoCast Episode 66 – Shove off, Lindelof

Look. We don’t really hate this Damon Lindelof guy. Truly. I mean, sure, his writing leaves little to be desired, HOWEVER, you don’t find us writing multi-million dollar projects so who’s really successful? We just like to make fun of the dude. Damon. If you listen to this, don’t take offense. It’s all in good fun. Also. Here’s this picture of your face on an alien. Fitting, no?

Screen EchoCast Episode 66 - Shove off, Lindelof


Screen EchoCast Episode 65 – Guard Deez?

We’re not here to judge. However, what we WILL judge is faulty technology. Between crackling audio and automatically adjusting audio, doing a podcast is one of the HARDEST JOBS ON THE PLANET! How do you get rid of problems that you don’t even know are there? I mean, sheesh. This is our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. review podcast, by the way.

Screen EchoCast Episode 65 - Guard Deez?


Screen EchoCast Episode 64 – FXXXXX has the Deadpool?

You might’ve thought this was going to be our Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review podcast, but you thought wrong. Not only are we here to subvert expectations, but Mikey likes to make plans and then break them and then still want to podcast about that particular movie with us, putting us on a hard place because we want to get content out but we have a flakey bastard in our group. Here’s plan B.

Screen EchoCast Episode 64 - FXXXXX has the Deadpool?


Screen EchoCast Episode 63 – Circle My Drain

No. It’s not the Guardians of the Galaxy podcast. That will be special. However, this stupid podcast about this stupid movie should tie you over until then. Do us a favor, though, and quit complaining huh? I mean. We have jobs. We do this for free. Good. LAWD.

Screen EchoCast Episode 63 - Circle My Drain


Screen EchoCast Episode 62 – Long Live WikiHowHaha

62+ episodes later and we finally did it, folks. We finally got the amazing Cory Dumesnil on our podcast and we have to say that we couldn’t be more pumped about it. While this episode isn’t quite packed to the brim with organized topics, you can bet your bottom dollar that it,s awesome.

Screen EchoCast Episode 62 - Long Live WikiHowHaha


Screen EchoCast Episode 61 – What is a Weeaboo, exactly?

Another podcast in another week? Will this start to be more consecutive?! Guaranteed folks, we can probably only keep this up for one more week until we go on another 6 to 8 month hiatus. GOOD LUCK

Screen EchoCast Episode 61 - What is a Weeaboo, exactly?


Screen EchoCast Episode 60 – John Wick 2 Never 2 Late

Ah. Well we’re back with another long awaited podcast, people. Sorry it took so long. We have lives and jobs that pay us and this doesn’t so it falls pretty low in our priorities. However, we may or may not make more of an effort to put out podcasts regularly… May or may not…

Screen EchoCast Episode 60 - John Wick 2 Never 2 Late


Screen EchoCast Episode 59 – Top 5 Movies of 2016

2016 is gone. So we’re back to finish it off.

Screen EchoCast Episode 59 - Top 5 Movies of 2016


Screen EchoCast Episode 58 – Rogue One

It’s finally here, folks and we brought you a long podcast to talk about all the details regarding the latest outing in the Star Wars universe. It’s also an apology for leaving you, the listener, high and dry over the fall season of movies. We’re trying to compensate. Help.

Screen EchoCast Episode 58 - Rogue One


Screen Echo Says Episode 8 – STAR WARS WEEK

Trivia brings together the community, right? I mean, until someone who’s playing it decides to yell that everyone, including the host, is a cheater just because he isn’t winning. Trivia. Good times.

Screen Echo Says Episode 8 - Star Wars Week


Screen Echo Says Episode 7 – STAR WARS MONTH

What has now become a yearly tradition, we’re bringing you THREE Star Wars podcasts during the month that every new movie will be releasing. What a time to be alive, folks? A new Star Wars movie every year? Meaning a guaranteed THREE podcasts in the month of December and NONE of them have anything to do with the birth of BABY JESUS?!?!?! COUNT US IN!

Screen Echo Says Episode 7 - STAR WARS MONTH


Screen EchoCast Episode 57- Fall Movie Breakdown

In this episode, we mostly talk about Doctor Strange and Arrival due to the fact that it was just too late to release podcasts of those movies individually. Sure, we called it a “fall movie breakdown” podcast but that was just to hide the fact that all we’re doing here is playing catch-up. Screen Echo secrets revealed, folks.

Screen EchoCast Episode 57 - Fall Movie Breakdown


Screen EchoCast Episode 56 – The Accountant

Jesse Reaux of The Rayo Brothers band based out of Lafayette, LA joins us on this podcast to talk about how to become an assassin that just so happens to be KILLER at math. Get what we did there…?

Screen EchoCast Episode 56 - The Accountant


Screen Echo Says Episode 6 – A+ and F- Movies

Every once in a while an episode comes along that’s meant to inform and educate and we feel like this episode barely does that at all.

Screen Echo Says Episode 6 - A+ and F- Movies


Screen EchoCast Episode 55 – Snowden

As the GUMMENT listens to our podcasts and most likely flags it, erasing it from internet existence, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how we LOOOOOVEEEE the NSA SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. No. That’s not true. Hopefully UNCLE will just read that “love the NSA” part and they’ll leave us alone. Who are we kidding? No one listens to this sh*t. Especially not the got damned GUMMENT. Whatever.

Screen EchoCast Episode 55 - "Snowden"


Screen EchoCast Episode 54 – 2016 Summer Movie Wrap-Up

People. Sometimes life happens, right? You can’t control it. You can’t suck on your finger to get it wet and stick it up in the air to check which direction the wind is blowing. You JUST CAN’T. CANNOT. That’s why we’ve waited so long to do this podcast. Take us back. PLEASE. HELP.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 54 - 2016 Summer Movie Wrap-Up


Screen Echo Says Episode 5 – Movies of 2006

Time flies. Old age creeps up. Arthritis becomes a permanent guest in you’re life. Your bowels begin to release without your control. Old age is most certainly the worst. Unlike the some of the movies released in 2006. Not only have they aged like fine wine, but they have no worry of future uncontrollable bowel movements. Wow. What a time to be alive! In this podcast we throw it way back and discuss the year of 2006 in film.

Screen Echo Says Episode 5 - Movies of 2006


Screen EchoCast Episode 53 – Independence Day Resurgence

We’re tired, people. We’re tired of writing these little blurbs to describe these podcasts. Seriously. If we have to sit here and write another little description of another current episode being about another freaking reboot, rehash, re-daf*q-ever, we’re going to quit. Wait. Ghostbusters reboot is the next episode. Yep. F*q it. We quit.

Screen EchoCast Episode 53 - Independence Day Resurgence


Screen EchoCast Episode 52 – X-Men Apocalypse

We were supposed to get this sh*t done weeks ago. WEEKS AGO. Alas, we’re dudes with jobs and responsibilities and kids and broken relationships and not the time to devote to doing a podcast because we don’t “get paid”. Sure. We don’t get paid per se, but what happened to the fun, ladies and gentlemen? What happened to just getting together to hang with your people and talk film and make fun of each other whilst making fun of the movie/movies you’re talking about? Do you get paid to hang out with your friends?! NO. Damn. This went off topic. There’s a review in here somewhere.

Screen EchoCast Episode 52 - X-Men Apocalypse


Screen EchoCast Episode 51 – Captain America Civil War

Let’s take a minute out here to talk about how much money Disney is making at the moment. So, not only are they tearing ass with ALL of the Marvel properties, but they’re also killing it with Star Wars AND the recently released Jungle Book that managed to hold two weekends hostage at the box office. This is familiar ground we’re treading, sure, but can you not see that in a few short years, Disney is going to be in control of the government if they aren’t already! America.

Screen EchoCast Episode 51 - Captain America Civil War


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 50 – The Jungle Book (2016)

Disney is back at it again. Coming to your nearest box office to shatter it as if the MCU and Star Wars movies weren’t enough. What’s Disney gonna buy next? McDonald’s? It would fit, right?! Everyone calls it “Mickey D’s” anyway! Sh*t. Just call it “Mickey’s” and there ya go! Bob’s your damned Uncle! Breakfast all day hasbrowns can be shaped like the Mickey Mouse ears or some crap. Every Happy Meal could have a Star Wars figure! WHO HASN’T PITCHED THIS YET?!?!

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 50 - The Jungle Book (2016)


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 49 – Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood. Manipulative PR, overuse of CGI and fanboy service can’t save you this time. It just can’t. You sit there and trust a guy like Zack Snyder AGAIN to try and make a movie with even an ounce of proper character motivation or coherent story and you get garbage. How does this man continue working? He’s the Kevin Costner of Hollywood directors.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 49 - Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 48 – 10 Cloverfield Lane

Hollywood is at it again. Attaching an almost 10 year old franchise name to something that didn’t even have anything to do with it in the first place. Or was that really the case? No one really knows, actually. Either way, we wouldn’t put it past Hollywood to pull that money grabbing trash.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 48 - 10 Cloverfield Lane


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 47 – 2016 Oscar Picks

On this podcast, we debate just how important the Academy Awards aren’t. OH, and we also give our picks on who we think the Academy will pick to win and who we, in our opinions, should win. It’s all a clusterf*ck, really, but the people want it so they get it, right? Give the people what they want, right? Right? This is the sh*t you want? Seriously? You people need to re-evaluate what’s important.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 47 - 2016 Oscar Picks


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 46 – Deadpool

Shout out to Dr. Reynolds for working his balls off to get this flick made. In a recent interview, Reynolds stated that he had been trying to get this movie off the ground for “10 years” so kudos, brother. We here at Screen Echo aren’t alone in saying that you did it. Not only did you make a superhero flick that, at of typing this crap, is killing at the box office, but you also made a rated R Marvel flick that, at the time of writing this stupid crap, is killing at the box office on top of overall positive reviews. Good on ya, Reynolds. With your sexy ass.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 46 - Deadpool


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 45 – Top 5 Movies of 2015

Because people like lists and everyone just LOOOOOOVVVVESSSS to wrap up the new year looking backwards instead of what’s ahead, we give you our top 5 movies of the PAST year. And not once in this podcast do we talk about what’s coming up. SPOILERS. What’s wrong with us? Isn’t the future more exciting than the past? Haven’t we learned from our mistakes? Is this getting too existential and f*cking stupid?!?! ABSOLUTELY.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 45 - Top 5 Movies of 2015


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 44 – The Revenant

How many of you, with a show of hands, can say that you’ve caught and eaten a raw fish in the wild with your bare hands? Anyone? No? Anyone at all? Yeah. That’s right. No hands. On top of that, the room is silent. Leave here, go home to your nice, warm bed with food that you get from a store in your car powered by electricity and gas. KISS MY ASS AMERICA!

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 44- The Revenant


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 43 – Star Wars The Force Awakens

Can you believe that it has been TEN YEARS since the last Star Wars movie was in theatres? Seriously. It has been that long. And the last one that came out back in 2005 wasn’t even that great. To think, at the time, we were all told that was is. No more Star Wars after that. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Well. Little did we know…

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 43 - Star Wars The Force Awakens


Screen Echo Says – Episode 4 STAR WARS WEEK

Back again with our final podcast before our actual REVIEW of Star Wars The Force Awakens. We do something a little different in this podcast where we play a trivia game and the losers out of the game have to all buy the winner a drink! NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Plus, Jacob doesn’t have to buy anyone a drink since he didn’t even play the freaking game. Suckers…

Screen Echo Says - Episode 4 STAR WARS WEEK


Screen Echo Says – Episode 3 STAR WARS MONTH

Let’s talk Star Wars, shall we? Theories, trailers, spin-off films, you name it. But what’s a podcast without offensive language added in to the mix? It’s not like Mikey’s boss’ father listens to it or anything… Wait… He does…? Sh*t…

Screen Echo Says - Episode 3


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 42 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Everyone knows that’s Hollywood, in all their infinite wisdom and glory, is going to continue making movies to this franchise. Seriously? Finale my ass. Even though this last installment didn’t make the projected numbers at the box office, the suits are going to find some way to bring back this franchise. Hell, in two years, I wouldn’t be surprised if they rebooted the whole freaking thing.

Screen Echo Podcast Episode 42 - Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2


Screen Echo Podcast Episode 41 – 007 Spectre

How about that James Bond, huh? Suave. Good with the ladies. Has lots of cool gadgets. No STDs, though. I’m not sure the amount of women that man has slept with, but saying that James Bond hasn’t contracted some sort of STD is like saying Texas doesn’t have a single staunch Republican living within it’s borders. The shit’s just not true.

Screen Echo Cast Episode 41 - Spectre


ScreenEchoCast Episode 40 – The Martian

There’s been a lot of movies about Mars that Hollywood has tried to throw in our faces, but we think that they finally got it right this time because they took a more realistic approach to it instead of doing some stupid sh*t with aliens and the face that’s on Mars or whatever. This is also a prequel to Interstellar…………………..

ScreenEchoCast Episode 40 - The Martian


Screen Echo Says – Episode 2

Weekly film topics? Star Wars discussions? JOHN WICK 2 discussions? Drunk and hungover discussions? Hell. These new Screen Echo Says podcasts are proving to be quite the entertainment that everyone has been looking for in their lives. Keep listening and we just might do more.

Screen Echo Says - Episode 2


ScreenEchoCast Episode 39 – Black Mass

It’s been so long, we almost forgot how to do a regular movie review podcast. So much so, that we blaze through all of our categories, mostly quote The Departed, yell at each other and eventually cut the podcast short. But, hey, you’re getting your money’s worth, right? Considering that this sh*t is free and all… Enjoy.



Screen Echo Says – Episode 1

Sometimes movies don’t always lend themselves to reviews and that’s where this FIRST podcast comes in! We love discussing film and film related topics so here is are crack at that! Screen Echo Says is just us podcasting and discussing the week’s film news and trailers that are released. Movie reviews will be saved for our regularly scheduled programming.

Screen Echo Says Episode 1


ScreenEchoCast Episode 38 – Top 5 Summer Movies of 2015

It’s here, folks. Our annual summer review to cap of the AMAZING films that came out in the blazing heat. Did you get that sarcasm? You know? With the all caps AMAZING part? Did you get that? Didn’t think so. With this podcast, we not only have a top 5 list of the best but a top 5 list of the worst. From suck to blow.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 38 - Top 5 Summer Movies of 2015


ScreenEchoCast Episode 37 – Fantastic Four (2015) Review

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Summer Movie Madness is finally over and we go out with barely a bang with this last review. While this might be a funny podcast willed with profanity and house music, this had to be one of the weaker summers in film with low grades all across the board. Oh well. Lets just get to Star Wars already, huh?

ScreenEchoCast Episode 37 - Fantastic Four (2015)


ScreenEchoCast Episode 36 – Ant-Man Review

We wonder what the summers are going to be like without Marvel movies leading the charge because it will happen one day. One day there will come a time when we won’t look forward to ten or twelve comic book movies over saturating the summer film slate and the world will either be empty or not for it. I’m sure Joshua would be EXTREMELY happy about it.



ScreenEchoCast Episode 35 – Terminator Genysis Review

Why do you have to do it, Hollywood? Why do you have to KEEP taking our beloved childhood franchises of old and continue to defecate all over them? Why? You can email us back, giving us the proper reasoning behind it because here you go again. Taking something that was once perfect (Terminator 2) and destroying it for the sake of “reboots”. We’re done here…

ScreenEchoCast Episode 35 - Terminator Genisys


ScreenEchoCast Episode 34 – Jurassic World Review

Nothing is sacred anymore. In 1992, a dinosaur movie that wowed us as children has been milked dry by sequels and now a “reboot” of sorts. We all thought that this one was going to bring the franchise to an updated audience and recapture the magic of the first film. Well. In short, it didn’t.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 34 - "Jurassic World" Review


ScreenEchoCast Episode 33 – Mad Max Fury Road Review

Round two on the journey through the summer blockbusters and this one is a kicker. I mean, hell, it’s only May and we might all very well have a best movie of the summer on our hands here. Listen to the review yourself and see what we’re talking about. WE’RE NOT KIDDING AROUND. Okay. Maybe we are. Just a little.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 33 - "Mad Max Fury Road" Review


ScreenEchoCast Episode 32 – Avengers Age of Ultron Review

Summer movie madness has begun, folks, and the brothers here at Screen Echo want to hold your hand through all of it so that you make the right choices when you spend your hard earned dollars going to the movies. Then again, not listening to what we say, but rather, enjoying our comedic rants is also a viable option. Your call.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 32 - Avengers Age of Ultron Review


ScreenEchoCast Episode 31 – Kingsman: The Secret Service Review

It’s a slow time in the theatres, ladies and gentlemen. A time where we all sit in anticipation as the summer comes and the first big budget blockbuster hits that makes everyone say, “meh” and then move on. During this time of nothingness, the folks here at Screen Echo just couldn’t stand back and watch as our dear listeners sat there without a word from us! SO!! Consider your prayers answered.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 31 - Kingsman: The Secret Service


ScreenEchoCast Episode 30 – Chappie Review

The brothers are back with a bang, ladies and gentlemen. Forgive the length of the show but a lot of the debate between the two kids just could not be edited out so we kept it in for you listening pleasure. Make sure to rate and review our podcast on iTunes so that we can keep this podcast going strong!

ScreenEchoCast Episode 30 - "Chappie" Review


ScreenEchoCast GamerQue – Most Anticipated Games of 2015

Chris Pickle is back on the podcast, everyone and he’s here to spit some knowledge your way about what games he’s most excited about arriving in 2015. He also sends Valve to trial because the butt-hurt is strong with this one. We also talk about what we’ve been playing and how Jacob (me) has a vendetta against Majora’s Mask and Xenoblade Chronicles.



ScreenEchoCast Episode 29 – Jupiter Ascending

I’m not one to brag, but the new format for our podcast is pretty hilarious and awesome. Tell us what you think about it. Honestly, it was supposed to make the podcast shorter, but I don’t think that’s working out right now. However, we are working on it. Unless you like listening to us blabber for 75 minutes. Who listens to people for that long, though. Seriously?

ScreenEchoCast Episode 29 - "Jupiter Ascending" Review


ScreenEchoCast Episode 28 – American Sniper

Starting off the new year with serious subject matter as we tackle the true story of the legendary Navy Seal sniper, Chris Kyle. We also talk briefly about the Oscars and how every year, there’s some sort of bull-crap disappointment that we just can’t look past. Sorry. You guys just don’t know how to vote. Seriously? 77% white males over 60 years old? Give me a break…

ScreenEchoCast Episode 28 - "American Sniper" ReviewLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 27 – Best of 2014

It’s only a Top 5, ladies and gentlemen, but the folks at Screen Echo want to look back on the year and give your their favorite moments, not so favorite moments and their funniest times. It was a great year, but not nearly as great as 2015 is going to be. To all of our listeners and supporters, we say thank you.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 27 - Best of 2014LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 26 – Exodus: Gods and Kings Review

Moses, Joshua, Noah, Daniel, Samson, Ruth, Esther, Paul and, yes, Jesus. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the BIBLE FORCE. Together, with the Lamb of God leading them, they fight the evils of this world from demonic forces to ISIS. Yes. This movie is sure to knock your socks off. Following the Marvel movie method, every character will have a solo film and then meet up for a tent-pole summer action blockbuster that is sure to DESTROY EVIL!! Also. this is a podcast.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 26 - "Exodus: Gods and Kings"LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 25 – Interstellar & The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Reviews

What a long, freaking title to a podcast. Seriously. We did it, people. We did two movies in one podcast. It only happens once a year because it’s just so special. So go ahead and get blown away about what we have to say about not ONE but TWOOOO movies. Two of them.

interhungersliderLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 24 – John Wick Review

This movie is like walking through a club on a crowded dance floor just wishing someone would…

john-wick-541f2c7f5f5f1LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 23 – Fury Review

Joshua demands it and so you shall receive it. In this podcast, the brothers talk about what it means to heavily judge and critique Shia LaBouef’s Mario mustache and just how obsessed one could get over the way Rick says “Rick” over and over and over again. Also, there’s a movie review in there somewhere. Look for it. We’re sure you’ll find it.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 23 - "Fury"LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 22 – The Judge Review

Hollywood likes to give the people what they want. That’s why they created this movie because it has everything you want. It’s got BAMFing steel glasses for drinking water, cadillacs, Tony Stark, twisters, niece-daugters and floorboats.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 22 - "The Judge"LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 21 – Gone Girl Review

The brothers are back and they’re bringing along all of Hollywood’s movers and shakers. And by shakers we mean the club that was closed in downtown Lafayette. And by movers we mean literal people who you pay to move stuff for you because you’re too damned lazy to do it yourself. I don’t care if you have a bad back or that you’ve gained a pound or two in recent years. GET UP AND DO IT. Also, there’s a movie review in here somewhere.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 21 - "Gone Girl"LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 20 – A Walk Among the Tombstones Review

September is a month that brings the hits whether it’s another Madea flick, no name animated outings or your token crime thriller starring an old dude. Oscar season just can’t come fast enough. However, for the masses (because we have just so many listeners), we had to pump out some new content so here ya go. And, boy, did we ever fail to bring anything to the table that was even close to above average. Yet, you’ll find yourself still falling in love with it.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 20 - A Walk Among the Tombstones ReviewLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 19 – Top FIVE Summer Movies of 2014

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we can cross another summer of CGI, remakes, sequels and comic book films off of the list because the summer of 2014 movies is officially over! Screen Echo is back with another podcast to give you their picks of the best of what Hollywood had to bring you so sit back, relax and let us serenade you with pure, comedic gold.


ScreenEchoCast Episode 18 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Review

Remakes and reboots are nothing new in Hollywood so why not add onto the pile with a new adaption of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What was once a beloved cartoon has become an experiment of the mad scientist known as Michael Bay who takes our favorite 80’s memories and explodes them to bits because he likes explosions. On a lighter note, this has to be our funniest podcast ever.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 18 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 17 – Guardians of the Galaxy Review

It just seems that we can’t go one summer without reviewing some sort of comic book movie, especially a Marvel movie. On this go-around, Marvel Entertainment is trying their luck with a brand new and rather obscure property. Get the brothers’ take on it and other things such as music in film, Marvel villains and their Avengers vs. Guardians discussion.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 17 - "Guardians of the Galaxy"LISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 16 – Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Review

The brothers are back together again after an unwanted hiatus to discuss Matt Reeves’s new sequel in the rebooted Planet of the Apes film franchise. Before their review of the film, the brothers briefly tackle the Emmy Award nominations as well as plug the film Snowpiercer from the Korean director/writer Bong Joon-ho. It’s time to let a little brotherly love back into your life.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 16 - Dawn of the Planet of the ApesLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 15 – Edge of Tomorrow Review

Chris Pickle from the GamerQue segment is back on to talk Tom Cruise, suits, yelps and ridiculous ways to die in this new podcast about Doug Liman’s new sci-fi action flick. While an enormous chunk of the podcast is dedicated to the relevance of the exoskeletons in the film, there’s some good stuff here, too. For instance, why Tom Cruise has trouble dying in his films even though he dies a lot in this particular movie. Did that rack your brain a little bit? Good. Listen and find out how to “unrack” it.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 15 - Edge of TomorrowLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast GamerQue – E3 Expectations

Not a normal numbered episode and the first of its kind. Every once in a while, one of the brothers will sit down with resident gamer, Chris Pickle, to talk about the virtual world. Today, we talk the Electronics Entertainment Expo, or E3, where the big dogs of the video gaming economy come together and announce the future of their respective properties. We talk about what we want, need, hope and pray happens at this year’s conference on June 9. If you’re a gamer, sit back and give it a listen.

ScreenEchoCast GameQue - E3 ExpectationsLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 14 – X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Our hosts are back again with Nathanael of Reve Coffee Roasters, talking to you about the seventh installment in the X-Men film franchise. With Bryan Singer in the director’s chair again, will this film become the X-Men film to beat? Well, how about you give this a quick listen and find out.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 14 - X-Men: Days of Future PastLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 13 – Godzilla Review

Summer movie madness hits again with a second big budget flick, Godzilla. No. We’re not talking Matthew Broderick and the Godzilla Velociraptors in Madison Square Garden. Negatory. Nathanael, of Reve Coffee Roasters, is back again to discuss with the brothers about the new kaiju picture as well as returning to the discussion of how Hollywood markets its films with their movie trailers.

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ScreenEchoCast Episode 12 – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Back after a long hiatus, the brothers bring in the owner to Reve Coffee Roasters, Nathanael, to review Marc Webb’s latest take on the web slinging franchise. The also teaser ScreenEcho’s new vision as well as talk about the state of comic book films in this day and age.

ScreenEchoCast Episode 12 - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ReviewLISTEN HERE

ScreenEchoCast Episode 11 – Best of 2013

The brothers recruit GamerQueue host Chris and family member Joel to run down their top video games and movies of 2013.



 ScreenEchoCast Episode 10 – Oldboy (2013)

Spike Lee is back with a new joint in the remake of the Korean cult classic, Oldboy starring Josh Brolin. Is Spike Lee able to handle the cinematic weight that came with the original version of the film or is it too heavy for him to lift. The brothers, Jacob and Joshua, weigh in on it…  Man…  We’re full of puns today…



 ScreenEchoCast Episode 9 – Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Katniss and the crew are back. See what the brothers think about this new book to film adaptation of the hit Y.A. novel.

(Apologies for the late post as this was recorded BEFORE Thanksgiving.)



 ScreenEchoCast Episode 8 – Thor: The Dark World

The brothers review the new Marvel film and, boy, you’re going to want to listen…



 ScreenEchoCast Episode 7 – Ender’s Game & The Counselor

Back with a vengeance.  The brothers review the new sci-fi action flick, Ender’s Game. On top of that, Jacob brings on his friends, Adam and Mikey P, to review Ridley Scott’s new drama, The Counselor. (There are SPOILERS in this review)



ScreenEchoCast Episode 6 – Pacific Rim

The brothers are at it again reviewing Guillermo Del Toro’s latest picture. *SPOILERS*



ScreenEcho Cast Episode 5 – Man of Steel

What did the brothers think of Zack Snyder’s new picture? Join them with special guest, Luke Andrus, as they discuss the future of DC Comics films and review Superman’s latest big screen outing. *SPOILERS*



ScreenEcho Cast Episode 4 – After Earth

M. Night is back at it with his latest directorial effort, but he didn’t write this one so will that make it better? Find out. The brothers also rate M. Night’s films from worst to best. *SPOILERS*



ScreenEcho Cast Episode 3 – Iron Man 3 & Star Trek Into Darkness

The brothers along with Will Harrison and Harrison Johnson from talk comics, video games and review two big summer heavy hitters. *SPOILERS*



ScreenEcho Cast Episode 2 – Pain and Gain


Michael Bay tones done the explosions (there’s only one big one in this film) and ramps up the violence in his new summer flick.



ScreenEcho Cast Episode 1 – Oblivion

Tom Cruise is the last man on Earth.  Awesome…  The brothers review this new film from Tron Legacy director, Joseph Kosinski.